Trade / Shop / Event Products

At Rchaus, we deeply appreciate the significance and influence that branded products hold. That's why we take great pleasure in collaborating with distributors, shops, clubs, and teams. Our range of graphic products, including decals, chassis skins, and wing skins, not only serves as a highly effective means to promote your brand but also presents an opportunity for the highest profit margins. We provide competitive trade pricing, allowing you the flexibility to set the retail prices as you see fit. Whether you choose to pass on these savings to your customers or maximize your sales profits, the decision is entirely yours.

For inquiries about personalized branded products, please reach out to us at to initiate your journey. We prioritize building enduring and content relationships, committing ourselves to work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction.



Custon Printed Products

Display your brand proudly on products such as Chassis Skins, Under Battery Decals and much more!


Wing Skins

The ultimate in brand awareness!

Button label



Race Numbers? Trophys? Prizes?



T Shirts? Jackets? Hoodies? Hats? We Do It All!

Get Creating!

We offer a huge amount of products at trade / club prices! drop us an email to start your journey with RCHAUS trade.